We are active in furthering Eco-Friendly cleaning techniques and energy production for use in industry today...

The phrase “Green” gets thrown around a lot lately, but more is involved in being Eco-Friendly than just using non-toxic chemicals.

One of the biggest problems with business today is that they are inefficient. The ability to be efficient is out there, but it requires a lot of thought, and careful monitoring of employees and management. Many car manufacturers are focused on being efficient by making less waste, and by using "Green" forms of energy. In the words of one Toyota executive, "Efficiency starts with the owners, then managers, then workers. If all parts of the ladder are not completely focused on being efficient, it won't be!"

Many cleaning companies try to save money by "cutting corners" with the offices they clean. Some try using non-sanitizing chemicals because they are cheaper. Or some encourage their employees to just rush through the building, in order to not pay them for as many hours. These tactics deprive you the complete service that you are paying them for.

We have found that a much better way to save money is by teaching our employees how to work more efficiently, not "cutting corners". We use sanitizing sprays on all desks, light switches, door knobs, and telephones. We have had several reports of employee sick days going down, by up to 200% in one instance, just because we sanitize fixtures thoroughly!

Another aspect of company efficiency that we encourage is alternative energy. Windmill and solar panel technology is something that we think every industrial company should consider, and we are actively pursuing it for our company. In the next 10 years, our goal is to be completely "self sufficient", not requiring fuel or energy from outside sources. Plus, since Kansas is known for being one of the windiest states, it is just silly to not harness that FREE energy!

Murphy's Crystal Clear
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Murphy's Surface Clean
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Murphy's Mold and Mildew Killer
This is a mixture of natural disinfectants, including in part, alcohols, vinegar and natural scents. It is a sure way to put an end to bad smelling carpet, or if you have any form of exposed mold or mildew spores. You have to try it to believe it!

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